Bringing visions to reality

We use the latest techniques and materials that incorporate all the design elements to showcase your products. We can manage the whole process from initial creative concepts through to final assembly, involving you in every step of the way.


When you meet with us to discuss your proposed event with initial ideas, you can be assured that you are talking to the experienced professionals in the field of event design and its execution. Just tell us your requirements for the event, a proposed design tailored to your vision will be presented to you.

Our team can design, produce and install a wide range of branding and signage solutions to maximize your brand’s impact.

Our audio-visual specialists will recommend solutions customized to your needs, from high-definition screens and portable projectors to crystal clear audio systems. We will create and install the professional lighting, posters, roll-ups, banners, etc. as per the approved design.

We will provide the same set of services on-site during your event, making it a streamlined and rewarding experience for both your company and your visitors.


Every product has its own peculiarity different in style, individuality and, most importantly, its own consumers. So every event of product-launch should be different too. We can help you come up with innovative and creative ideas to launch your product to create a bigger impact in the market. We make your event to be remembered and talked about for week after week leaving a positive memory in your guests’ minds.


Sometimes the thought of a conference can really seem dull - No worries! The conference is designed to update guests on the company performance and inform them the plan for the future. The format of the day is interactive and forward thinking which reflects the company’s ethics to always be at the forefront of their industry and to design intuitive and surprising solutions for their clients. We will design the event to support your teams to deliver perfectly your key messages.


We design exhibitions Stand & Stage Design. We feel that it is important to focus on how the exhibition looks and feels; how the exhibitors are treated and how the guests feel at the event. We feel that we are designing an event rather than an exhibition and we approach every exhibition this way. We will interact with your team to establish what needs to be achieved from the exhibition and then come back to you with a creative solution and ideas to achieve success in the event..


All events are always very important and they leave a life time impression on the customers and people attending the event. A live event creates magical impact on all the audience. Our audio visual services form the backbone for your event and remain budget friendly.

If you need help in sound and lighting for your live events, we are here to give you all the support you needed. ‘Live Event production’ – that is what we do.


We create the perfect record of your event. Till the last business card has been exchanged and the final stand packed away, we will provide a permanent record of your event by professional photography and video in a well-packaged DVD. In this way you can keep the momentum going and promote your services in your next event.


Branding and signage will create the biggest impact. It is absolutely a key to make your event a success. We ensure that your visitors have your brand into their mind long after your event has finished and your stand has been taken down. Our creative and dedicated teamwork will create a memorable impression on your branding and signage completely unique from others.